Congress 2017

The 14th Finno-Ugric Writers’ Congress will take place on 24-25 August 2017 in Tartu, at the Estonian National Museum.

The main topic of the congress is history and the way it is treated in Finno-Ugric literatures. In addition, current topics in these literatures will be discussed. The congress will include plenary sessions and working groups, to focus both on the main subject of the congress, and also on other questions considered important by the participants. The congress will end with a plenary session.

On 26 August there will be a visit to Setumaa.

The congress will host approximately one hundred delegates, mainly representing the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia, whilst delegations from Hungary, Finland and some other, non-Finno-Ugric, countries will take part in the event. To enable equal participation for all delegates, simultaneous interpretation will be offered between Estonian, Russian and English.