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XIV Finno-Ugric Writers‘ Congress

Tartu, August 23–25, 2017


Simultaneous interpretation into Estonian, English and Russian.


Wednesday, August 23

18:50 – Awarding ceremony for the competition of Finno-Ugric Wikipedia

19:00 – Concert: Mari Kalkun (ERM)


Thursday August 24.

10:00 – Greetings by the President of the Estonian Republic

10:05 – Greetings by Tõnis Lukas, ERM’s director

10:15 – Greetings by Tiit Aleksejev, Chairman of the Estonian Writer’s Union

10:25 – Greetings by Viia-Kado Raudalainen Fenno-Ugria’s Chief Executive

10:30 – Speech by the AFUL’s president János Pusztay

10:45 – Arvo Valton (Еstonia) “Estonian translations of Finno-Ugric historical novels and epics and their meaning in order to understand the history of the Finno-Ugric peoples” (in Estonian)

11:15 – Meelis Friedenthal (Еstonia) “Alternative and history”

11.45 – Valeria Savrian & Nina Tšuntšunar (in Nganassan and Russian.)


12:00–12:30  Coffee break


12:30 – Aija Sakova (Еstonia) “Pain memory and memory pain: historic and personal traumas in literature” (in Estonian)

12:50 – Svetlana Arkhipova (Mari El) “Mari children’s literature today” (in Russian)

13:10 – Valts Ernstreits (Latvia) “Livonian literature today” (in English)

13:30 – Katja Kettu (Finland) “Finns and other Finno-Ugric people in (literature) history”


14:00–15:00 Lunch


I section

15:00 –Péter Bokányi (Hungary) “Hungarian historical novels” (in Russian)

15:20 – Aleksandr Petrov (Mari El) “The historical issues in Mari drama writing” (in Russian)

15:40 – Sébastien Cagnoli  (France) “Are Finns ashamed of their independence? A 21st century look at the patriotic poetry of Uuno Kailas” (in English)


16:00 – Jukka Koskelainen (Finland) “Where does the circle begin? Rewriting the origin myth”

16:20 Dyekiss Virag (Hungary) “Personal history in epic folklore”


II section

15:00 – Jouni Tossavainen (Finland) “Nature Poetry”

15:20 – Otto Fenyvesi (Hungary) “Order and Adventure – Hungarian Literature in the Former Yugoslavia” (in English)

15:40 – Enikő Molnár Bodrogi (Romania) “Transylvanian ideology between the two World Wars” (in English)

16:00 – Lázár Imre (Hungary) “Friends/Kin? Reflections on Finno-Ugric cultural relations”

16:20 – Esa-Jussi Salminen (Finland) “About the history of Udmurt literature and its future perspectives”


17:00 – Presentation of Indrek Koff’s children’s book „Kirju koer” / „Müginde Pii” in Mari

17:15 – Presentation of Udmurt books

18:00 –Concert: Ar-God, Udmurt-Estonian group


Friday, August 25.

I section

10:00 – Zsofia Barczi (Slovakia) “The history of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia and its literary representation” (in English)

10:20 – Ildiko P. Varga (Hungary) “Historical traumas as personal experiences in Andrea Tompa’s first novel” (in English)

10:40 – Aleksei Popov (Komi Republic) “How I gathered materials for one short story about the establishment of the Soviet power in the Komi areas” (in Russian)

11:00 – Anne-Victoire Charrin (France) “Eremey Aypin. Historical novels: the space of inhumanity and universal questions” (in Russian)

11:20 – Elena Afanasseva (Komi Republic) “About the formation of the character Duda plattöa” (in Russian)

11:40 – Michal Kovář (Czech Republic) “Kalevalaism as a movement in Uralic and world literature” (in English)

12:00 – Larisa Dmitrieva (Udmurtia) “The history of the publication of Kedra Mitrei’s autobiographic story The son of a sick century (in Russian)

12:20 – Heinike Heisoo (Еstonia) “Writing in a language without writing” (in Estonian)

12:40 – Gulcherkha Polivanova „About Nikolai Abramov’s“ poetry


II section

10:00 – Elena Yunusova (Mari El) “The Mari children’s literature” (in Russian)

10:20 – Lidia Iksanova  (Mari El) “The use of original Mari and loaned vocabulary in today’s Mari prose” (in Russian)

10:40 – Vera Melekhina (Perm krai) “The great patriotic War in Komi writer Ivan Minin’s works” (in Russian)

11:00 – Tatiana Saveleva (Perm krai) “Historic events in Permyak drama literature” (in Russian)

11:20 – Elena Konshina (Perm krai) “The historic processes of the land of Parma in the writings by Permyak writers” (in Russian)

11:40 – Aleksandr Egorov “The problems in translating literature from Hungarian into Udmurt (in Russian)

12:00 – Maria Vekshina “Grassroots initiatives to develop today’s Udmurt literature (on the example of the redaction of the newspaper Udmurt Dunne) (in Russian)

12:20 – Aleksandra Katorova „The peculiarities Mordvinian history‘s reflexion in Mordvinian literature”(in Russian)

12:40 – Olga Zhukova „The folklore-mythologic sources of N. Zaitseva‘s poetic eepos Virantanaz” (in Russian)


13:00–14:00 Lunch


14:00 – Nora Benedek (Hungary) “Hungarian-Estonian literary relations in the Soviet period” (in Estonian)

14:30 – Peeter Helme (Еstonia) “History in recent Estonian prose” (in Estonian)

15:00 – Petter Morottaja “Inari Saami history and literature” (in English)

15:30 – Alyona Eltsova “The history of the Komi in today’s long poems” (in Russian)

16:00 – Sergei Pronin „Historical themes in Carelian writers’ drama writing”

16:30 – Johanna Domokos “Comparative paradigms in the Uralic literary field” (in English)

17:00 – Jan Kaus (Еstonia) “Backbone and ratchet: about the treatment of Estonian recent history through two opposing characters” (in Estonian)

17:30 – János Pusztay conclusions


21.00 – Concert: Kristiina Ehin ja Silver Sepp. Free mike. (Magasini Tänava Suvila)